An Authentic American Story

Natural-born entrepreneur and master chef, Henry Roberts is the inventor of our BBQ sauce. The path to creating our great-tasting product started in South Carolina. While growing up in The Palmetto State, Henry liked watching his parents and grandfather make sauces the old-fashioned way for special occasions.

He enjoyed it so much that he used the formal training he later received and his native flair for herbs and spices to perfect an assortment of home recipes. It was during this time that he concocted the famous Henry Roberts Barbecue Sauce. He later turned it into a wide range of gourmet all-purpose seasonings and specialty sauces.

Henry was so convinced that his sauces had such marvelous tastes that he started traveling up and down the southeast and sea coast islands to sell them. He eventually settled in Jacksonville, FL. It was on the First Coast that Henry found wholesale mass distribution to sell to his most beloved customers.

To add to the success of his products, he became a distributor for large supermarkets and restaurants. Since then, Henry Roberts' BBQ Sauce has been a staple in many eateries and grocery stores. If you're interested in learning more about Henry Roberts or our sauces, please contact us. We are happy to answer all of your questions.

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